Voted best E-fed Talk Show 2011 by EWZine!

  E-Fed Guerillas is an internet radio talk show dedicated to the out of character side of efedding and to linking efeds and characters to other people who may never have heard of them.

   The show saw five different cohosts during its run, anchored by the pontificating El Gringo Loco (Ernie) who is the only cohost to appear on each and every episode. Jesse Ramey was the zany coal miner whose sense of humor added a whole new dimension to the show.

   Jorden Snow who was the only member of the group to have wrestled matches in real life. The journalistic Englishman, Keegan, brought an international flavor to the show, and the quick witted Chris Hopper who was full of zingers and never afraid to speak his own opinion.
   Features included topic discussion, reviews of efed matches and suggestions on how to improve them, out of character interviews with handlers, and discussion of different topics central to the writing based hobby of fantasy wrestling.

    Current hosts are Ernie (EGL), Tom Ford, whose character High Flyer is well known in angle feds     and the FW Central community, and Joshua Curtis, who handles many female characters.

    The show airs live on Thursday nights at 6pm Eastern time at Efed Guerillas

11/10/2011. 6PM!


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